Monday, April 18, 2011

Rules and Baked Goods

So to continue my last bit from yesterday, I don't like negativity. On the internet, in people, in media (tv, news, etc) or in my riding lessons that I teach. So yesterday I decried some new rules for my students. Hopefully I won't get too fat as a result.

1.) If you say the word "Can't" - you must bake brownies

2.) If you say the word "No" - you must bake cookies

3.) If you come to your lesson unprepared (no crop, no gloves, no riser pad, neck stretcher, etc) - you must make rice crispie treats.

4.) If you fall off your horse - you must make horse treats for the horses of the barn. (With frosting, because my horse has a sweet tooth.)

I can't claim that these ideas are completely original. When I was in college and on the equestrian team, the rule was that if you fell off your horse you had to bake brownies. (There was a caveat that if you managed to land on your feet and state "Emergency Dismount" while coming off you were saved from having to bake.)
So I merely expanded upon the concept.

Now we have all your usual rules as well:

- No riding without a helmet

- No riding alone

- No jumping without an instructor present

- Clean up after your horse

- Clean up after yourself

I like to think these are all common sense rules and that the rewards and punishments for following or not following them are self evident, so I see no need to attach cooking to them. But as for the rest, I think that for me at least, riding has defined my character. I try to be polite and cheerful to everyone. My horse cheers me up when I am sad, so I should take that energy and share it. And I want my students to get more than just heels down eyes up from their lessons. I want them to enjoy them, and to share that joy, in a safe and respectful manner and environment. So if a little baking now and then reinforces the concept. So much the better. (Well except perhaps for my waistline.)

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