Sunday, April 24, 2011

Equine Artistry for Easter

Happy Easter for everyone who celebrates, and a beautiful spring day for everyone who doesn't.

I adore pretty things. And I like making crafts. And apparently there are many horse loving people who are even more artistically inclined than I am out there. So when I was looking for something Easter appropriate to write about today I came across the following.

This woman goes by d-artist on Squidoo, and I believe you can contact her through that service. She paints rocks and ornaments as well, and I believe she may do commissions and sell her work, though I couldn't find anything for sale on the website. You can see her website here and on that site you can comment or like it on Facebook, and she does appear to respond to positive comments.

Now elaborate egg decoration is not a new phenomenon. According to Wikipedia, Pysanky is a traditional Ukranian art form that creates elaborately decorated easter eggs.

Seller DandylionEggs specializes in Pysanky eggs and even has one that looks like this:

It is for sale for $30. And it also has a blurb explaining the meaning behind all of the symbols depicted. The horses apparently symbolize wealth and prosperity (much like the Native Americans who used to attract their brides with gifts of ponies.) 

These brought to mind the elaborate easter eggs that the jeweler Fabergé created for the imperial family in Russia, so I searched for Faberge and found the following:

In 2009 Sarah Faberge, Great-Granddaughter of the Carl Faberge, the famed jeweler, created "The Winner's Egg"

The Winner's Egg was available only by private commission, with the colors to be determined by the requester. Only 50 were to be made, priced at £10,000 and a large percentage of the proceeds were to be given to Racing Welfare, which gives assistance to staff who work or who have worked in the Thoroughbred industry. 

At a little more reasonable price I found an egg inspired by Faberge and Tiffany, in a beautiful carousel horse motif. It can be purchased here at amazon

For those of us who can't paint or draw on a sloped surface so easily, (And don't have £10,000) I found the following website. On this site you can take ordinary photos and it will paste it onto an egg shape, with a few options for effects. I came up with these:

This is the same image as the previous egg, with a different color filter. It would have been more interesting if there were more options to tweak and more filters, but not bad. Sadly, these aren't actual eggs, and it would be great if they came up with an application that allowed you to make sleeves to put on your easter eggs, but I couldn't find anything like that.

And lastly, this isn't an egg, but who doesn't love a pony in bunny ears? Have a great holiday.

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