Sunday, April 17, 2011

In the beginning

I feel like I am talking into empty space here. The page in front of me is extremely blank and glaringly white. But I like to write. Or I did like to write in a previous existence. The opportunity recently arose for me to try my hand at writing again and I realized I had missed it. So while that opportunity has passed, I feel like I need to type into nothingness if need be, if only just to practice getting words out. OK, that sounds extremely pretentious, and I'm not, but the whole concept of blogging feels a bit pretentious and self centered, and I'm not that either. I just want to write.

So I present to topic. In order to make this less an exercise in hubris, or plain old shouting into space, I am going to try to focus my ramblings, (very loosely) onto a genre of import to me, and hopefully some interest to someone or other in the depths of the internet that may have stumbled across this page by some strange twist of a search engine. Oh, wait. I still haven't told you my topic. I like to ride horses. Big deal, so do lots of people, what is so interesting about that? Well, as I said, maybe not much. But plenty to me. (And to many pre-teen girls everywhere.) No I am not a pre-teen girl. Long past that. But I once was. And what started back then as a once a week activity, quickly snowballed into a life long passion/obsession, tomato...etc.

Now that I have advanced past the basic levels of riding, and into the teaching arena, I find that my hobby/passion has become my job. Love your work they say. This is all well and good, but at the end of the day, work is So in order to keep my joy alive, I try to find new and different ways to play with horses. So I hope to make my musings somewhat diverting by regaling the ether with my explorations into the world of sidesaddle, bitless bridles, equestrian yoga, or whatever horsey nonsense catches my fancy on a given day. I make you no promises to post punctually, or regularly, or sensibly, or really any other adverb for that matter. Perhaps "me-ly" but that isn't a real word, though I think maybe it should be. So enjoy, or not, and if not, please just go away and enjoy something else. Criticism is appreciated, negativity just makes me sad.

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